An unexpected path:
In 1992, Alejandro Reyes was born in Qulquipé, A tumultuous childhood and the pressure of
moving constantly, from Chile to Canada, found Alejandro moving to Switzerland at the age of 10.
Chile. Robbed of his left hand since birth and despite having grown up in a family of musicians, the
young boy never pondered the idea of making music.

One day, at 18 years old, a close friend gifted him a guitar. Little by little, Alejandro took interest in
playing his guitar and even crafted a special glove equipped with a pick that enables him to strum
the strings without injury.

From street to stage:
While his family was a beneficial influence, Alejandro remains a self-taught musician. He started
his career singing in the streets for enjoyment and, soon after, was spotted by major Swiss media
outlets. In little time, Alejandro was already performing in large-scale, prestigious events such as
the Montreux Jazz Music in 2013; the Voice, aired on TF1 in France in 2014; at the Bern Stadium
for a crowd of 80’000 in 2015; and even opened for late Johnny Halliday’s concert at the Arena de

His exploits from the streets to the stage eventually found their way into the studio. There he
recorded his first album. It was featured on national radio in 2015 and is still played to this day! In
2017 his single “Compass”, his first venture with the Hana Road Music Studio, excelled in the
Swiss qualifications for the 2018 Eurovision competition, eventually making its way to the Swiss

On the road to success:
Alejandro’s ability to sing in French, English, and Spanish, his mother-tongue, as well as his
particularly groovy and soulful pop style, make his music enjoyable for all generations. Only
equipped with a guitar, one hand, a ‘looper’, and a genuine passion for music, Alejandro is able to
move crowds and fill people’s hearts with joy with the sound of his voice.

Reyes is a very complete artist, but also an exceptional example of courage. He proves that we are
all capable of achieving our greatest potential despite any of our differences or ‘handicaps’. His
heart is young and pure, and through it Alejandro can’t help his romantic side come out; especially
in his lyrics.

With only one album under his name so far, our young musician is already regarded as an
upcoming names in the Suisse Romande music scene and is a rising star to look out for in the
international music industry. 2018 begins on a very strong note, Alejandro has signed and started a
new musical endeavour with the Hana Road Music Group label for an all-new album. Stay tuned!