Alejandro introduces his latest single ‘Por Favor’ released with a music video on the 6th of September. 

Specially for this shoot, the singer himself crafted a bionic arm after spending over a month prototyping and building it part by part. As complex as it looks, Alejandro, who was born with one hand only, has designed and assembled it all by himself.

The shot took place in Ukraine nearby Chernobyl area with a crew of 80 people. Scenes are set in the Year 2027. We find ourselves in a massive abandoned dilapidated building with an interrogation room styled with neon signs. Last but not least, a 6 meter python, Ferrari 812 Superfast, dancers on a neon basketball field and smoke grenades are to get you completely immersed in a futuristic and mysterious vibe of the track.

“Por Favor” is about our deepest and darkest emotions. It’s what we think of, crave for and run from. And there we go with a slow-paced, almost trap-like production, blending in some flutes, so you are to get an emotional fever from it “.

This single is a next-level and a brand-new niche in Latin music, and Alejandro is the first artist to touch down.    

Hit the link to add the track and to watch the music video on YouTube!