Following the release of a summer-hot «Señorita», Alejandro presents his first EP released with The Hana Road Music Group.


The album, titled as «El Inicio» means ‘the beginning’ in Spanish and is Alejandro’s first big work on a new label, which is to be released on the 14th of June.


The EP expresses Alejandro’s emotional-self and states his overall Latin-oriented musical direction as 5 out of 6 songs are in Spanish. «This EP is both the next important step in my career and a piece of self-reflection. All songs were born spontaneously. Coming from the bottom of my heart, the lyrics and melodies developed fast in my head. Through those creative impulses I show who I am in my music. Adding top-level production to my ideas gave each of the songs its particular color and sound. Yet together all 6 tracks create one beautiful set, which I hope you will enjoy!» – Alejandro Reyes.

«This work summarizes the last two years of my creative development and highlights the overall achievements that my team and I have accomplished», Alejandro says.

«El Inicio» is a unique and bilingual blend of sound with a top level production that has no equivalent in the current Latin-music industry. It is definitely to shake the Swiss audience up this summer!


Hit the link to stream the album:

Watch “Bye Bye” music video and “Tomorrow” lyric video on the Hana Road Music Group YouTube channel!